How to Upload a website from localhost to Online Server

How to Upload your website from localhost to Online Server
Hi, If you created a website on your computer with lots of hard work and now you want to publish that website on online server so your website can be visited by anyone from anywhere anytime. Then this tutorial will really help you to do that. So Lets Start and follow the steps below :

1.) You must have your complete website in a folder with all images and files. Lets say you have a simple website with HTML and CSS files and with some images.


2.) You must have a Web Hosting (Space on online Server) and a Domain Name (Url of your Website). You can purchase Web hosting and Domain name from any web hosting providers according to your choice. If you don’t want to purchase web hosting and domain name right now, but still want to upload your website on any online server then you can try free web hosting services by searching on google. Or you can check this article that will surely help you to get free web hosting and sub domain name for your website.

3.) Once you will have your Web Hosting and Domain / Sub Domain name then you are ready to publish your website.

4.) Download and Install any FTP (File transfer Protocol) on your computer. I am using Filezilla from long time, if you wish to install the same then here is the link Download Filezilla. Install this software, which is having very simple steps to install.

5.) When you will run Filezilla on your computer then, on the left hand side you will see Local Site (Your computer) and on the right hand side you will see Remote Site (Online Server). Where on Local Site you will be able to see your all drives ( Like C: D: E: and your files under them ) But on Remote Site you will see a message “Not connected to any server”, because to upload your website you need to connect to your online server first. (See the pic below)


6.) To connect to your online server Click on the File from menu and select Site Manager. Following Dialog box will appear on your screen that will show you a list of sites that you already managed. Lets say you are going to upload website first time, So click on New Site button to setup your website.


7.) Now before we move ahead you need to have your FTP details with you that can be provided to you by your Hosting providers through email. You need the following details:
• FTP Hostname
• FTP Username
• FTP Password

If you have these details with you then  fill this detail under General Tab as explained below.

Host: Enter your FTP Hostname here.

Protocol: Select FTP- File Transfer Protocol.

Encryption: Select Use explicit FTP over TLS if available.

Logon Type: Select Normal option here.

User: Enter your FTP username.

Password: Enter your FTP password.


 After fill these details Click on OK button to save your settings.

8.) Now open the Site Manager again from File menu to connect your website that you just managed. Select your Website Name from My Sites and then click on Connect button.

After Successful Connection you would be able to see your public_html folder on Remote Site.

9.) After successful connection the first task you need to do is, delete the default.php file from Remote Site. For that right click on the file and select delete option as shown below.


when you will click on Delete option, a confirmation dialogue box will appear on your screen “Really delete 1 file from the server?” then you will click on Yes button to confirm.


10.) As you are connected to your online server now you can  transfer/upload your files from local computer to online server. For that, just visit to your website’s folder path from your drive (C: D: E:) and then open it to select your all files and folders by pressing CTRL+A , then right click and select Upload option to move your files from local computer to online server. (See the pic below).

Make sure to upload your all files and folders inside public_html folder on the Remote Site.


11.) Wait until your all files and folders are transferring from left hand side to right hand side, I mean from Local Site to Remote Site.


12.) Once your upload process completed. Go to your website and refresh/reload your page then you will see your website published.

Now the Website is Online.

That’s it. I hope this tutorial helped you. You can get video of this tutorial on youtube. Link Below:

If you want to check all my video tutorials on youtube then visit to my channel JP WEB.


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